The Story

Shawn Sauve’s frustrations with restless legs began as a teenager and came to a head in 2005 after another sleepless night, determined to find a solution, Shawn began researching ways to combat the disorder, talking to doctors, naturopaths and nutritionists while using himself as a guinea pig with various minerals and herbs and seeing sporadic results.

After months of experimentation, Shawn finally began to see improvement in his sleeping patterns. The next step: testing what would come to be known as The RLS-H Formula on family and friends who also suffered from restless legs. The results were astonishing.

In 2006, Shawn began to explore how best to manufacture The RLS-H Formula on a larger scale. That meant determining the optimal way of binding the herbs, where to source raw organic materials and how to keep the particle size as small as possible for maximum effect.

The RLS-H Formula was only available online until 2008, at which time Shawn took the initial steps toward getting the product into retail stores. A partial licence was granted from Health Canada, allowing the product to be sold in health food stores in select markets while the government agency put it through strict testing. While awaiting approval, The RLS-H Formula became the top-selling product in Canada for people with restless legs.

The RLS-H Formula was fully approved by Health Canada late in 2013, and can now be found in health food stores, drug stores and groceries stores across the country, with distribution in the United States slated for the end of this year.